Positive Behavior Intervention and Support(PBIS)

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is an international program supported by the Colorado Department of Education and Douglas County Schools to promote and maximize academic achievement and positive behavior. It is a school-wide program using positively stated learning and behavior expectations. We know that when good behavior and good teaching come together, our students will excel in their learning. Clear Sky Elementary is proud to be a part of this exciting initiative.


We pride ourselves at Clear Sky Elementary in providing a place for all to grown and learn without having to worry about being bullied or becoming a bully. We continue to be proactive in partnering with parents, students and our community to combat bullying.

We, along with the entire district, are launching a year long, anti-bullying action plan. As the year progresses, look for more information from our staff to come home.

Please download and enjoy the articles about Bullying from the bottom of the page. Talk to your child and don't hesitate to contact anyone from our Bully Prevention Team to talk further about the information in the article.

Bullying Resources

What are the BISON Bravo slips that my child brings home?
The BISON Bravo slips are opportunities for the Clear Sky staff to recognize your child for demonstrating the behaviors of a BISON. All BISON Bravo slips are submitted for weekly school-wide drawings. The children whose names are drawn receive a variety of rewards.

What does BISON stand for?
The acronym BISON represents the following important life-long character traits that our students will carry into all areas of their lives:
Be respectful
Own it
Never give up

How can you support PBIS at home?

  • Discuss the importance and honor of being recognized for demonstrating important citizenship.
  • Reinforce the importance of the BISON character traits when they are displayed at home.
  • Display the BISON slips where everyone in the family can celebrate them.
  • When your child has accumulated a certain number of BISON slips you can celebrate by going bowling, going out for ice cream, seeing a movie, having a friend over, extra privileges, etc.

Below you will find all of the various forms and documents that are associated with PBS at Clear Sky. All downloads are in a PDF format.

PBIS Bison Matrix

PBIS Bison Matricx
You can download the PBIS Bison Matrix by clicking on the image to the left, or the link below. Learn about the expectations for students throughout the CSE building.